"EverGreene specializing in decorative plaster repair and historic paint restoration met a demanding and exacting schedule in cleaning, repairing, remolding and painting all of the intricate ornamentation ... [at the Coral
Gables City Hall]. All of this was meticulous and painstaking, done entirely by hand, and similar in complexity to old world restoration techniques."

Richard J. Heisenbottle  (President)
R.J. Heisenbottle Architects Coral Gables, FL

"EverGreene's organization and management was a model for other contractors, setting an example for future restoration needed at the Arkansas State Capitol. Your foreman did a great job scheduling and phasing the work to meet deadlines. A lot of work was accomplished in a short time frame and the results were exactly what we wanted. There was time to spare and accommodate extras. Both we and the owner were impressed."

Aaron Ruby  (Architect)
Witsell Evans Rasco Architects Little Rock, AR

"Thank you for the outstanding job that you and your people did for Visitation. People love it. Their most common expression is "it takes my breath away." It has been a satisfying and pleasant experience working with you and I will always be grateful."

Rev. Norman Rotert 
Visitation Church Kansas City, MO

"The quality of EverGreene's work [plaster and decorative painting at the Biltmore Theater] was fabulous. EverGreene operates professionally and with integrity. We are pleased to recommend them, especially for projects that demand quality and performance within a difficult logistical environment."

Steven R. Alessio  (President)
Sweet Construction Corporation, New York, NY

"We've been overwhelmingly pleased with every phase over the past six years. We have a high regard for Jeff Greene and his people. They have been professional, thorough and conscientious with every aspect of their work, from the decorative painting and replication of the murals to cleaning the marble. They consistently come in on budget, and are within the time designated."

Elaine Skoog  (Executive Director)
Allen County Courthouse Preservation Trust Fort Wayne, IN