• Saenger Theatre | Photo by: Will Crocker
  • Saenger Theatre | Photo by: Will Crocker
  • Saenger Theatre | Photo by: Will Crocker
  • Saenger Theatre | Photo by: Will Crocker

Saenger Theatre

By the time Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and dumped 20’ of water in the Sanger, the 4,000-seat atmospheric theater had already been modified several times, neglected and lost its lustre. But the $52M restoration and renovation of the Saenger Theatre, beginning in 2011, would become a success story for recovery.
Working with longtime collaborators ACE Theatrical Group and Martinez & Johnson, EverGreene restored the opulent interior of the Italian courtyard-inspired auditorium and grand lobby. Our work began by completing a Historic Finishes Investigation and Analysis that revealed the original colors and finishes which were mocked up for review and approval by the design team and State Historic Preservation Officer. Once approved, EverGreene restored of the flat and ornamental plaster, decorative paint, gilding, and specialty finishes including faux finished plaster walls that resemble 17th century Italian stone. Iridescent paint colors were used to recreate the “sky” – which has twinkling lights, clouds and a rising & setting sun – and the walls.
The Saenger reopened in September 2013.
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Restoration/Renovation Architect
Martinez & Johnson
General Contractor
Broadmoor Construction
Original Architect
Emile Weil
ACE Theatrical Group
Originally Designed/Built
Historic Designation
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Historic Finishes Investigation and Analysis
  • Mock-up
  • Restoration/Conservation and Consolidation of Ornamental and Flat Plaster
  • Restoration of decorative and straight paint
  • Specialty Finishes: Glazing, Gilding and Faux Stone
  • Stone: cleaning/polishing and restoration
  • Wood refinishing
  • Metal refinishing

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