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  • Balboa Theatre
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  • Balboa Theatre
  • Balboa Theatre
  • Jed Ellis - Balboa Theater Mural
  • Balboa Theatre

Balboa Theatre

San Diego’s historic Balboa Theatre, built in 1924, originally served as a vaudeville theater and movie palace. The theater had gone through many incarnations and been closed for over 20 years before the city’s Redevelopment Agency committed to fund its rehabilitation and open it as a community arts center.

A significant portion EverGreene’s role in the Balboa’s restoration involved sculpting and casting decorative plaster elements from within the auditorium to make molds that were then used to recast and replace deteriorated elements.  EverGreene also applied specialty finishes and metallic highlights of all the textured surfaces throughout the theater, reinstating it's original color scheme.

While some of these efforts were anticipated, others including several pilasters discovered in the Entry Lobby during construction and overpainted murals in the lobby were not.    EverGreene re-sculpted the pilasters, restoring one of the theater’s original features to the structure and recreated the murals in the lobby to their original design.


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Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects / DLR Group
Streetlights Residential
Historic Designation
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Restoration of Ornamental Plaster
  • Sculpting & Casting
  • Mural Reproduction
  • Specialty Finishes

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