Alan Weiner
Alexander Kellum
Business Development Executive / Specialty Finishes Manager
Andrew Maziarski
Assistant Project Manager
Avigail Charnov
Manager of Conservation Services
Bill Mensching
Creative Director
Cory Michael
Assistant Project Manager & Specialty Finishes Lab Manager
Emily Sottile
Director of the Sacred Space Studio & Business Development Executive
Eric Schlomann
Project Manager / Midwest
Freya Nash
Business Development Executive / West Coast
Jeff Greene
Chairman & Founder
Jim Cecil
Director of Sales & Marketing
Vice President of Conservation, Principal Conservator
Katherine DeMercurio
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kim Lovejoy
Senior Business Development Executive
Kristi Nickerson
Human Resources Manager
Vice President of Conservation, Principal Conservator
Matthew Martin
Director of Field Operations and Estimating
Max Newroth
Plaster Studio Director / Project Manager
Phil Sabo
Business Development Executive / Novawall
Sadiya Fatima
Assistant Controller
Sarah Kloze
Project Manager
Sofia Stambolieva
Studio Production Manager
Terry Vanderwell
Senior Business Development Executive
Toland Grinnell
Senior Project Manager