Quality Restoration & Refinishing
Wood, Metal, Stone & Mosaic
Atlas Statue 45 Rockefeller Plaza | NYC | Metal

EverGreene is often asked to treat stone, wood and metal when serving as a single-source provider of a comprehensive finishes restoration package, the studio is also a valuable resource for stand-alone projects, involving large amounts of stone, tile, wood or metal refinishing.

After evaluating the existing conditions of the materials, EverGreene does onsite testing to determine the best treatment to renew the appearance without damaging it.  Our conscientious investigative work, combined with our conserators and artisians' encyclopedic knowledge and experience with historical finishes, enable EverGreene to restore the beauty to long-neglected and time-savaged decorative elements.

Wood, Metal, Stone & Mosaic Services

  • Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

  • Material & Finishes Testing

  • Written Specifications

  • Onsite Mock-up Samples

  • Conservation & Restoration

  • Refinishing

  • Cleaning & Re-grouting

  • Repair