The Recognized Leader

A building is a living piece of history, subject to the changes time bestows. Sometimes, these changes do irreversible damage to the historic finishes of the space, making it impractical or impossible to conserve the historic finishes. Restoration seeks to recreate these historic finishes through a combination of informed scientific study, artistic design, and skilled craft.

To restore the interior finishes of a building, EverGreene's team of expert conservators begins by scientifically studying what the historic finishes were by taking samples, doing laboratory analysis to determine the colors and types of finishes, creating in-situ exposure windows to uncover the patterns and designs, and using archival resources such as historic photographs. The results are compiled into a thorough report that can be presented to any design team or historic preservation board.

Next the design team comes together to determine the decorative scheme, considering changes in the building use and layout, how modern lighting conditions impact how colors would be perceived, and adjacent finishes and furnishings. Renderings and mockups are often created to demonstrate the completed product and to test methods and materials. To ensure durability, compatibility, and economy, methods and materials are chosen from a range of both traditional and modern options.

Finally, our team of skilled artists and craftspeople carry out the final design - providing the best possible approximation of the historic interior and bringing the ghost of the building back to life.